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Service & Maintenance

Increase Service Revenues at Minimized Costs

Interconnecting Field Agents

Mobilize your field operations with Movilizer. The Cloud for Field Operations connects your back-end systems to your internal and external technicians, helpdesks, planners, supervisors and service managers, your customers and even to your equipment in one single interconnected mobile application. This ultimately drives your enterprise profitability.

We offer an equipment-centric Cloud:

  • Where technicians always have access to any equipment information - offline, anytime and from anywhere
  • Where customers can always track equipment, create tickets, request help and manuals or give feedback
  • Where equipment M2M data is aggregated and orchestrated with business actionable data to bring IoT into your business
Connecting Service and maintenance

Common business challenges in Service & Maintenance

Limited Access

Limited access to relevant service equipment information when required in the field

Mobile Demand

Remote maintenance via M2M requires equipment serialization and coordination


Equipment documentation, manuals and service history are neither standardized nor accessible


Shared tools among teams are difficult to track and ensure they undergo regular maintenance


Master Data problem - no automatic registration of which customer has which equipment

Overcome your challenges with a powerful cloud solution

Movilizer Enables you to Interconnect your Field Operations and Create Added Value

For Field Service Managers

25% increase in Service Revenue:

  • Additional service offerings (cross-selling)
  • Turn customer data into profit with lead capturing 
  • Reduced service times allow higher turnover 
  • Optimize cash flow with paperless, real-time integration
Revenue Increase
Decrease Service Cost

20% decrease in Service Costs:

  • Optimized parts management
  • Stronger subcontractor integration reduces costs
  • Low investment in device infrastructure (Bring Your Own Device - BYOD) 
  • Improved data quality for subsequent interventions

10% decrease in Repair Times:

  • Optimized data entry flow
  • All in one app (times, travel, etc.) - no double entries 
  • Access to knowledge database
Decrease Repair Times
Movilizer Smiley

50% increase in Customer Satisfaction:

  • Transparent, signature-approved service documentation
  • Customer self-service and progress tracking 
  • Higher first-time resolution rate

For Plant and Asset Maintenance Managers

40% increase in Asset Up Time:

  • Sensor automatically creates ticket before asset is broken
  • Technician with right skills sent to run repair
  • Allow anybody in the factory to create tickets via the app
  • Decreased repair times
  • Increased first-time fix rate
  • Enable preventive maintenance
Increase Assets Up Time
Increase Asset Utilization

30% increase in Asset Utilization:

  • Equipment location tracking 
  • Equipment booking and history 
  • Equipment sharing functions 
  • Better equipment documentation and usage measurements

For IT Managers

Achieve 99,9% Availability

  • Scalable cloud with track records on 99,9% availability
  • No downtime due to seamless upgrade / deployment capabilities, not even during planned maintenance activities
  • Built-in disaster recovery and replication techniques ensure live backups, even in worst-case scenarios
Achieve Availability
Less cost in support and faster upgrades

50% less money in support and upgrades within minutes

  • Movelet upgrades do not require any app changes
  • Movelet changes require one skill-set and are done in the back-end 
  • Fully integrated into existing software logics and governance 
  • Mash-up capability to avoid expensive backend-to-backend integrations and interfaces
  • Guaranteed down-grade compatibility safes 100% of regression testing by cloud releases

Open-up your ERP securely at 90% fewer costs

  • Simple connection to the Movilizer Cloud via pooling (no inbound calling required)
  • No VPN required: The Movilizer Client establishes a secure connection and validates every single sync
  • No complex reverse proxy attack detection software required: The Movilizer Cloud has built-in features
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App Catalog

Movilizer offers more than 2200 different apps for each of your processes

Business Benefits

A powerful cloud solution enables you to implement your strategies in the field

Enterprise Systems

Connect any back-end system with your processes and with each other

References & Case studies

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