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Movilizer for

Empower SFDC with SAP Mash-ups and Connect all Stakeholders

For Business Users - Movilizer brings advantages to

  • Reliability
  • Control
  • Connectivity
  • Collaboration

Movilizer allows full offline processing of transactional data. That means that the user app is always accessible. Due to the ByoD potential, your company is able to connect subcontractors and use crowd-sourcing strategies to avoid redundancies. We enable you to also connect your customers in order to increase your control and visibility of the customer happiness.

For IT Management & Strategies - Movilizer is 
ideal for mash-ups of and SAP ERP applications:

  • Facilitates integration
  • Removes data inconsistencies
  • Lowers (implementation) costs 

Movilizer seamlessly connects to your existing mission-critical back-end systems and allows you to create mobile apps without the need to integrate SAP and salesforce anywhere else. The Input of your mobile users will be published in all connected back-end systems without the need to duplicate input. 

Movilizer is salesforce isv program partner

Offline Access data offline available and editable

Connect Stakeholders

Secure collaboration with subcontractors and customers

Increase Control

Allow data updates by any connected stakeholder

Customer Satisfaction

Customer access results in correct data and better service

Back-end Mash-Up

SAP and data joint in one app for better UX

The Movilizer Add-On for

Enterprise Systems

The Movilizer Apex Add-On is installed on the platform, with all relevant back-end functionalities for the mobile role included. This establishes the connection with the Movilizer Cloud and to other back-end systems. 

Customers are able to either run Movilizer:

  • as standalone on top of the platform or
  • integrated with the existing system (requires user)

Mash-Up with other Back-End Systems

Example Screens of a Mash-up Application Movelet Movelet

Display visit lists: is the leading system and sends the Movelet Movelet Movelet

Display visit details: Defined order of activities for the mobile user
SAP Movelet

SAP Movelet

Sales order capture: Collect and capture information based on SAP data

The Movilizer Cloud connects to the Movilizer Apex Add-On via web services. The Movilizer Cloud is the glue that connects the with external ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle or Microsoft) and ultimately with the mobile devices.

The Movilizer Cloud connects to system via standard APIs. It is also possible to build Movelets in the Movilizer Cloud and mash them up with Movelets from SAP or