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Sales & Distribution

Empower your Workforce to increase Turn-Over

Interconnecting Field Agents

Mobilize your field operations with Movilizer. The Cloud for Field Operations connects your back-end systems to your own or third-party delivery drivers, your sales reps, your distributors, dealers and your end customers in one single interconnected cloud. This ultimately drives your enterprise profitability. 

Supplier and manufacturer are provided with a global serialization engine in which each ID is globally unique and with global hub:

  • Makes supplier integration a simple plug & play exercise
  • Helps companies to extend existing warehouse management solutions at minimal cost

Contected Worker Delivery Driver

Common business challenges in Sales and Distribution

Limited Access

Limited access to documentation, collateral and configuration tools at customer's site

Pricing Complexity

Spreading promotional pricing across distribution is complex and not used to its full potential


Accessory sales is more complicated than product configuration, which is not accessible in the field


The sales and distribution network setup is inflexible and outsourcing therefore difficult


Without direct access to end-user, product feedback, quality assurance or recalls are difficult to manage

Overcome your challenges with a powerful cloud solution

Movilizer enables you to interconnect your field operations and create added value

For Field Sales Managers

Decrease Preperation Time

50% decrease in preparation time:

  • Any customer information is available on the mobile device 
  • Visit-list information for day/week is available, also offline 
  • Eliminate VPN access, also for external laptops
  • Documentation of customer activities, appointment creation and data update is possible any time and situation, even when completely offline

25% increase in deal closure probability:

  • Always have most recent marketing materials available 
  • Always have the latest account history available
  • Ensure that anyone that had contact with account can protocol interaction
Increase in deal closure probability
Double your dealers and sales reps revenues

Double your dealers' & sales reps' revenues:

  • Enable dynamic promotions in minutes 
  • Enable easy digital product configuration on-site
  • Your product has repeatable, simple sales procedures
  • Same treatment for internal and external salesmen, with access to all tools and intelligence
  • Make sure they sell the right product to the right customer at the right time

Speeding up order taking gives more time for account development

  • Take orders with a process-driven app 
  • Allow your customers to enter orders into app, which sales only needs to approve

It gives your sales reps more time to spend on account development, merchandising, introducing new products or simply capturing reference information to document case studies and more

Order Taking Speed Up

For Direct Store Delivery Managers

Delivery Speed Up

Speeding up delivery, more time to sell

  • Use an optimized and process-driven DSD app
  • Save time with rapid printing, offline price calculation, pre-calculated credit checks and order templates
  • Delivery drivers have more time to offer promotions or to cross-sell

10% increase in sales by adding Van Sales

  • Load additional free stock on delivery trucks to enable upselling on the route
  • Give the flexibility to recalculate offline prices on site when adding items
Sales Increase
Fleet Peak Times Double

Double your fleet in peak times with externals

  • Use a process-driven mobile app that any driver is able to learn and embrace in minutes
  • Enable the same process for internals and externals
  • Use this full flexibility to outsource when needed

100% accuracy on vending machine collection

  • Enable out-of-the-box interface integration when refilling vending machines
  • Use mobile app to automatically count stock and money
  • App runs on any mobile device, externals only need to download app (BYOD)
Vending Machine Collection Accuracy
More Customers Increase Service

Higher customer retention through increased service

Movilizer enables your delivery drivers not only to be more efficient, they provide much better service to your customer:

  • They can change pre-ordered deliveries if required
  • They can inform customers about new promotions
  • They can offer better prices if customers buy additional stock off the truck
  • They can interact with colleagues i.e. when on-site equipment needs maintenance (e.g. fridges, tabs)

For IT Managers

Achieve 99,9% Availability

  • Scalable cloud with track records on 99,9% availability
  • No downtime due to seamless upgrade / deployment capabilities, not even during planned maintenance activities
  • Built-in disaster recovery and replication techniques ensure live backups, even in worst-case scenarios
Achieve Availability
Support and Upgrade Less Money

50% less money in support and upgrades within minutes

  • Movelet upgrades do not require any app changes
  • Movelet changes require one skill-set and are done in the back-end
  • Fully integrated into existing software logics and governance
  • Mash-up capability to avoid expensive backend-to-backend integrations and interfaces
  • Guaranteed down-grade compatibility safes 100% of regression testing by cloud releases

Open-up your ERP securely at 90% few costs

  • Simple connection to the Movilizer Cloud via pooling (no inbound calling required)
  • No VPN required: The Movilizer Client establishes a secure connection and validates every single sync
  • No complex reverse proxy attack detection software required: The Movilizer Cloud has built-in features
Open Up CRM Less Costs

App Catalog

Movilizer offers more than 2200 different apps for each of your processes

Business Benefits

A powerful cloud solution enables you to implement your strategies in the field

Enterprise Systems

Connect any back-end system with your processes and with each other

References & Case studies

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