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John Deere

Illinois, USA / Mannheim, Germany

With over USD 32 billion sales per year and nearly 200 years history, John Deere is probably the best-known brand in the agriculture sector.

John Deere has rolled out Movilizer to several thousand internal and external sales personnel (dealers) across over 10 countries in Europe in order to increase their ability to execute in marketing and sales events across the continent. With the help of the Movilizer, John Deere sales representatives and dealers were able to show prospects and customers videos, flyers, PPTs of the newest tractors and harvesters as well as configure them, collect lead data with their tablets (Android or iPads) and all this offline.

"With the Salesmen App, we were able to address the mobility demand and the need to facilitate and speed up sales processes, while at the same time making sales processes more efficient, accurate and complete."
Stefan Muegge, Manager E-Business John Deere Europe

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