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Leverage Industry Standards

The Movilizer transparency and how we embrace standards

Movilizer embraces standards wherever standard exists and wherever the use of standards does not compromise the speed and flexibility of building, deploying and running mobile apps.

Movilizer free documentation

The entire Movilizer documentation is available online and accessible for everyone. 

Movilizer free connector

All Movilizer Connectors are open source and can be downloaded for free. As only company Movilizer offers also the Movilizer Connector for SAP as open source. 

Free out-of-the-box source code

Powerful quick-start standard applications

All Movilizer customers can access and modify source codes of any of the Movilizer out-of-the-box apps at no additional costs.

Movilizer Industry Standards

We follow these open standards

For data transfers and communicationsFor application development
  • XML
  • Web services via Soap
  • JSON and REST APIs
  • HTML5
  • JSON and REST APIs
  • CSS3

Full HTML5 Support is provided via the screen template or the Movilizer Web Client.

The App Lifecycle

How to BUILD, DEPLOY and RUN your mobile solution

Future-proof Platform

Movilizer is built to easily adapt to future developments

Security Concept

We meet the highest security market standards