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Deploy and Run Anywhere

All Industry Standards and Future Channels supported

Our multi-channel technology separates your mobile business processes from the mobile technology, so your mobile apps will work - without any adjustments - on today's, tomorrow's and future channels.

One App, any Device

Our solutions run on any device from legacy ruggedized handhelds, to smartphones and tablets, Mac Books and laptops, to desktops and browsers - all with the same app.

  • Use your existing devices
  • Migrate seamlessly to latest devices
  • Support future devices
  • Use different devices for different roles
movilizer on any device

One App, any Operating System

Our solutions run on any common mobile operating system independently, whether you use iOS, Android, or Windows - all with the same app.

And the future looks bright: soon you will be able to run Movelets on new channels such as smart watches, glassware or car systems.


  • Native development language
  • HTML5 support for maximum flexibility
  • Latest versions of operating systems
  • Smart usage of device features
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Operating systemClientInfo

? Movilizer
Movilizer Pro

  • Runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Makes smart use of device features (e.g. barcode scanning via device camera)
  • Supports iOS 4.3 and higher

Movilizer Pro

  • Runs on Android phones and tablets
  • Makes smart use of device features (e.g. barcode scanning via device camera)
  • Supports Android 2.2 and higher
Windows PhoneMovilizer
Movilizer Pro
  • Supports Windows Phone 8 and higher
Desktop Clients (Windows, Linux, OS X)Movilizer
Movilizer Pro
  • Delivered as installable packages depending on your desktop or laptop platform
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10, Win32 (e.g. XP, Vista), OS X, Linux
  • Runs on any OS capable of running Java 1.6
Windows MobileMovilizer
Movilizer Pro
  • Runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 and higher
  • Most suitable client for ruggedized devices, especially for warehouse management, material management and Track & Trace
  • Movilizer also supports the new Windows Mobile Embedded
  • Upon request, Movilizer can run on Windows CS, as well (needs to be tested on each specific hardware as each is built differently)
J2MEMovilizer J2ME Client
  • Runs on any device supporting Java J2ME with profile CLDC 1.1, e.g. feature mobile phones such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc.
  • Contact us for download

Online & Offline Availability

In many field operations you have no access to the internet or security precautions do not allow a connection. A suitable mobile solution should work online and offline

Effective User Experience

It’s important to include UX in your mobile solution: It removes friction, increases user satisfaction, excels user adoption and decreases support requests

System Mash-Up

When a mobile solution is able to mash up relevant source systems into one app, it gives a fast and easy-to-use app and the complexity of multiple back-ends is hidden

HTML5 & Smart Scripting

Movilizer successfully addresses challenges of HTML5 development and developed MEL, a smart scripting language to create more dynamic and interactive mobile apps