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The Movilizer Cloud

A multi-tenant and hosted platform

Description of Cloud in Movilizer Architecture

The Movilizer Cloud is a multi-tenant and hosted mobile enterprise platform, accessible via web-services. You access the platform via our Movilizer Portal.

As central junction of back-end & devices the Movilizer Cloud eliminates any investment in new infrastructure. All typical functionalities of a middleware are available as a service. 




Cloud Functionalities

Middleware as a Service


The Movilizer Cloud enables any device to connect securely to your enterprise systems:

  • Users & clients are identified, authenticated, monitored
  • Exchanged data structures are validated, virus-checked, obfuscated, encrypted, decrypted
  • Business (source) systems are authenticated, certificates verified and unexpected behaviors are monitored in the web service
  • External attack patterns are automatically identified & neutralized
Security Concept of Movilizer Cloud
SmartSync engine


Different standard synchronization strategies ensure that:

  • The app is online & offline available
  • Master data is replicated
  • Movelets are pushed to the assigned devices
  • XML-Data is transformed into compressed binaries


Movelets and master data coming from different systems can be mashed up into the Movilizer Client:

  • Providing a single UI for the app user
  • Hiding the complexity of source systems
  • Packaging relevant data for each user
  • Ensuring data consistency at any time
System Mash Up in the Movilizer Cloud
App Lifecycle control


Via the App Lifecycle Management the Movilizer Cloud provides Movelet & user monitoring, analytics and error handling across many heterogeneous back-end systems.


The Movilizer Cloud Portal provides a Movilizer Application Framework (MAF), as well as a Back-end as a Service (BaaS):

  • More agility & flexibility
  • Includes mobile functionalities that are not supported in your back-end
Back-end as a service
Massive scalability of the Movilizer Cloud


The Movilizer Cloud offers instantaneous and linear scalability of your mobile apps out-of-the-box:

  • Deploy and run 1000s of concurrent users
  • Absorb seasonal peak usage
  • Eliminate stressing your back-end systems
  • No need for additional infrastructure

The Movelet

Movelets represent real business scenarios virtually. They are the first central component and contain all information to execute the business process on a mobile device

The Connector

You use connectors as the secure connection from your back-end system to the Movilizer Cloud. All common technologies are supported, even a Certified SAP add-on can be included

The Cloud

As central junction of back-end & devices, the Movilizer Cloud eliminates any investment in new infrastructure. All typical functionalities of a middleware are available as a service

The Client

The Movilizer Client is a generic app container, which renders your mobile applications on the client side. It supports all common OS-systems and devices without any change of codes